Ars Combinatoria
Volume CXIV, April, 2014

  • Yuanlin Li and Yilan Tan, "On B5-Groups", pp. 3-14   get it
  • Stephan Wagner, "Enumeration Of Highly Balanced Trees", pp. 15-32   get it
  • Lihua Feng, Guihai Yu, Kexiang Xu and Zhengtao Jiang, "A note on the Kirchhoff index of bicyclic graphs", pp. 33-40   get it
  • Xiuli Wang, "A New Construction of Multi-receiver Authentication Codes from Pseudo-Symplectic Geometry over Finite Fields", pp. 41-51   get it
  • Manouchehr Zaker, "More results on greedy defining sets", pp. 53-64   get it
  • Charles C.Y. Lam and Alan C.H. Ling, "A Construction of Modular Generalized Sidon Sets", pp. 65-71   get it
  • Patrick Bahls and Thomas Mahoney, "Utility And Expandabilty Of Channel Assignments", pp. 73-85   get it
  • Meirun Chen and Shaohui Zhai, "Total and adjacent vertex-distinguishing total chromatic numbers of augmented cubes", pp. 87-96   get it
  • Junli Liu, Wei Jiang, Baohuan Zhang and Qiuli Xu, "Lattices associated with partial linear maps of finite vector spaces", pp. 97-103   get it
  • Dejan Delic and Changping Wang, "The Global Connected Domination In Graphs", pp. 105-110   get it
  • Shuchao Li and Zhongxun Zhu, "On the Hosoya index of unicyclic graphs with a new given diameter", pp. 111-128   get it
  • Liu Mu-huo, Wei Fu-yi and Bolian Liu, "On the Laplacian spectral radii of tricyclic graphs", pp. 129-143   get it
  • Naiomi T. Cameron and Lynnell S. Matthews, "A Motzkin Variation On The Tennis Ball Problem", pp. 145-152   get it
  • Lihua You, Jieshan Yang and Zhifu You, "The Maximal Total Irregularity of Unicyclic Graphs", pp. 153-160   get it
  • S. Akbari, M. Ghanbari and S. Jahanbekam, "On the Dynamic Coloring of Cartesian Product Graphs", pp. 161-168   get it
  • Xu Han, Zhiping Wang and Xincui Wang, "Pebbling Number Of The Graph Dn,Cm", pp. 169-176   get it
  • Naoki Matsumoto and Kenta Noguchi, "Uniquely colorable graphs on surfaces", pp. 177-183   get it
  • Mitre C. Dourado, Fabio Protti and Jayme L. Szwarcfiter, "On Helly Hypergraphs with Variable Intersection Sizes", pp. 185-191   get it
  • Hengzhe Li, Xueliang Li, Yaping Mao and Yuefang Sun, "Note on the generalized connectivity", pp. 193-202   get it
  • Ali Ahmad and Martin Baca, "Total edge irregularity strength of a categorical product of two paths", pp. 203-212   get it
  • Yaping Wu and Qiong Fan, "On the lexicographical ordering by spectral moments of bicyclic graphs", pp. 213-222   get it
  • Changqing Xu and Jingjing Chang, "The Linear 2-Arboricity of Some Planar Graphs", pp. 223-227   get it
  • Salvatore Milici, Gaetano Quattrocchi and Zsolt Tuza, "G-designs without blocking sets, Note", pp. 229-233   get it
  • Zhidan Yan and Wei Wang, "Equitable chromatic threshold of direct products of complete graphs", pp. 235-243   get it
  • Masao Tsugaki and Yao Zhang, "Spanning trees whose stems have a few leaves", pp. 245-256   get it
  • Saeid Alikhani and Yee-hock Peng, "Introduction to Domination Polynomial of a Graph", pp. 257-266   get it
  • Sizhong Zhou, "[a,b]-factors With Given Edges In Graphs", pp. 267-272   get it
  • Sapna Jain, "On a Class of Blockwise-Bursts in Array Codes", pp. 273-292   get it
  • Xu Liping, Liu Zhishan and Li Zhi, "The cordiality of the complement of a graph", pp. 293-298   get it
  • Yunsheng Zhang and Yichao Chen, "3-Connected Simple Graphs With The Same Genus Distributions", pp. 299-308   get it
  • Yingzhi Tian and Jixiang Meng, "On super connectedness and super restricted edge-connectedness of total graphs", pp. 309-319   get it
  • Hongxing Liu, "The zero divisor graph of partially ordered set with respect to a semi-ideal", pp. 321-330   get it
  • Yiqiao Wang, "Distance Two Labeling of Halin Graphs", pp. 331-343   get it
  • Zbigniew R. Bogdanowicz, "Antidirected Hamilton cycles in the Cartesian product of directed cycles", pp. 345-351   get it
  • Jingjing Tian and Xin Zhang, "Pseudo-outerplanar graphs and chromatic conjectures", pp. 353-361   get it
  • Yongsheng Ye, Mei Liu and Jie Gao, "The optimal pebbling number of square of paths and cycles", pp. 363-371   get it
  • M.A. Javed and M. Aslam, "Some Commutativity Conditions in Prime MA-Semirings", pp. 373-384   get it
  • Shu-Guang Guo, Meiling Xu and Guanglong Yu, "On the least signless Laplacian eigenvalue of non-bipartite unicyclic graphs with both given order and diameter ", pp. 385-395   get it
  • Elizabeth Moseman and Christopher Storm, "On the Oriented Line Graph", pp. 397-416   get it
  • Shou-Jun Xu, Hai-Yang Chen, Qiu-Xia Zhang and Liangping Tu, "Hosoya polynomials of twisted toroidal polyhexes", pp. 417-425   get it
  • Weizhong Wang, Yanfeng Luo and Xing Gao, "On incidence energy of some graphs", pp. 427-436   get it
  • Emlee W. Nicholson and Bing Wei, "Long Paths containing k-ordered vertices in Graphs", pp. 437-448   get it
  • Gek L. Chia and Angeline P.L. Lee, "Self-Complementary Magic Squares", pp. 449-460   get it
  • Timothy M. Brauch, Andre E. Kezdy and Hunter S. Snevily, "The Combinatorial Nullstellensatz and DFT on Perfect Matchings in Bipartite Graphs", pp. 461-475   get it

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