Ars Combinatoria
Volume CXV, July, 2014


  • A.Q. Baig, Edy Tri Baskoro and Andrea Semanicova-Fenovcikova, "On the super edge-magic deficiency of a star forest", pp. 3-12   get it
  • M.A. Seoud and M.A. Salim, "On Mean Graphs", pp. 13-34   get it
  • G. Araujo-Pardo and L. Barriere, "Defensive alliances in regular graphs", pp. 35-54   get it
  • Baohuan Zhang, Qiuli Xu, Wei Jiang and Junli Liu, "Lattices generated by partial injective maps of finite sets", pp. 55-61   get it
  • Kevin Litwack, Oleg Pikhurko and Suporn Pongnumkul, "How to Play Dundee", pp. 63-88   get it
  • Agha Kashif, Imran Anwar and Zahid Raza, "On The Algebraic Study of Spanning Simplicial Complexes of r-cyclic Graphs Gn,r", pp. 89-99   get it
  • K.T. Balinska, L.V. Quintas and K.T. Zwierzynski, "The Maximum Number Of One-Edge Extensions For Graphs With Bounded Degree", pp. 101-114   get it
  • G. Araujo-Pardo and L. Barriere, "Defensive alliances in circulant graphs", pp. 115-138   get it
  • Sapna Jain, "Decoding of Blockwise-Burst Errors in Row-Cyclic Array Codes", pp. 139-151   get it
  • Yan Yang, Qing-qing Li and Xue-ping Wang, "Construction and enumeration of a special class of transitive relations", pp. 153-162   get it
  • Seyed Morteza Dadvand, Dara Moazzami and Ali Moeini, "Recognizing Tenacious Graphs Is NP-Hard", pp. 163-174   get it
  • Wei-Guo Chen, Zhi-Hong Chen and Weiqi Luo, "Edge-connectivities for spanning trails with prescribed edges", pp. 175-186   get it
  • A. Jain, "Semi-Deterministic Virtual Finite Automaton(SDVFA) of order (s,t) and Regular Grammar", pp. 187-196   get it
  • Jianxin Wei and Heping Zhang, "Fibonacci (p,r)-cubes which are partial cubes", pp. 197-209   get it
  • Junqing Cai, "An implicit σ3 type condition for heavy cycles in weighted graphs", pp. 211-218   get it
  • Y.M. Borse, Kiran Dalvi and M.M. Shikare, "Excluded-Minor Characterization For The Class Of Cographic Splitting Matroids", pp. 219-237   get it
  • Eddie Cheng, Ke Qiu and Zhi Zhang Shen, "On the Surface Areas of the Alternating Group Graph and the Split-Star Graph", pp. 239-260   get it
  • Qun Liu, "On the Spectrum of graphs with pockets", pp. 261-271   get it
  • Weizhong Wang, "Asymptotic behavior of Laplacian-energy-like invariant of some graphs", pp. 273-282   get it
  • Bart De Bruyn, "Association schemes on the sets of lines of regular near hexagons", pp. 283-292   get it
  • Xiaoyan Jiang and Huawei Dai, "The minimal Kirchhoff index of graphs with k edge-disjoint cycles", pp. 293-304   get it
  • Rao Li, "Two Results on the Hamiltonicity of L1-Graphs", pp. 305-314   get it
  • Dingjun Lou and Kangqi Liang, "An Improved Algorithm for Cyclic Edge Connectivity of Regular Graphs", pp. 315-333   get it
  • Gustavus J. Simmons, "A surprising regularity in the number of Hamilton paths in polygonal bigraphs", pp. 335-341   get it
  • Shengjin Ji and Hongping Ma, "The Extremal Matching Energy of Graphs", pp. 343-355   get it
  • Qiuli Li and Heping Zhang, "5-factor-critical graphs on the torus", pp. 357-366   get it
  • U. Knauer and A. Wanichsombat, "Completely Regular Endomorphisms of Split Graphs", pp. 367-384   get it
  • Fang Duan, Weijuan Zhang and Guoping Wang, "Connected even factors in {K1,l, K1,l +e}-free graphs", pp. 385-389   get it
  • Emrah Kilic and Aynur Yalciner, "New Sums Identities In Weighted Catalan Triangle With The Powers Of Generalized Fibonacci And Lucas Numbers", pp. 391-400   get it
  • Guanglong Yu, Zhangke Miao, Chao Yan and Jinlong Shu, "The extremal primitive digraph with both Lewin index n-2 and girth 2 or 3", pp. 401-410   get it
  • Anetta Szynal-Liana, Andrzej Wloch and Iwona Wloch, "On generalized Pell numbers generated by Fibonacci and Lucas numbers", pp. 411-423   get it
  • Wei Meng, Shengjia Li, Qiaoping Guo and Yubao Guo, "Signed cycle domination numbers of digraphs", pp. 425-433   get it
  • Dae San Kim and Taekyun Kim, "Higher-Order Cauchy Of The Second Kind And Poly-Cauchy Of The Second Kind Mixed Type Polynomials ", pp. 435-451   get it
  • Hacene Belbachir and Imad Eddine Bousbaa, "Combinatorial identities for the r-Lah numbers", pp. 453-458   get it
  • Xinshang You and Xianglin Wei, "A note on the value about a disjoint convex partition problem", pp. 459-465   get it
  • Urszula Bednarz, Dorota Brod and Malgorzata Wolowiec-Musiel, "On two types of (2,k)-distance Lucas numbers", pp. 467-479   get it

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