Ars Combinatoria
Volume CXVI, July, 2014


  • Gang Chen, "On Potentially K6-3K2-graphic sequences", pp. 3-21   get it
  • Richard H. Schelp and Kiyoshi Yoshimoto, "An Extremal Problem Resulting in Many Paths", pp. 23-32   get it
  • Xiaofeng Guo and Zhixia Xu, "On cycle resonant outerplanar graphs", pp. 33-47   get it
  • Meysam Alishahi and Ali Taherkhani, "A Note on Chromatic Sum", pp. 49-54   get it
  • Fang Tian and Zi-Long Liu, "Lower Bounds on some certain van der Waerden Functions", pp. 55-63   get it
  • Baris Kendirli, "Some Comvolution Sums And The Representation Numbers", pp. 65-91   get it
  • Enqiang Zhu and Chanjuan Liu, "A note on the vertex-distinguishing proper edge coloring of graphs", pp. 93-99   get it
  • You Gao and Yanyan Xue, "Association schemes based on the subspaces of type (2,0,1) in singular symplectic space over finite fields ", pp. 101-119   get it
  • Weihua Yang and Jixiang Meng, "Extraconnectivity of Folded Hypercubes", pp. 121-127   get it
  • F. Ramezani and B. Tayfeh-Rezaie, "Graphs with prescribed star complement for 1 as the second largest eigenvalue", pp. 129-145   get it
  • Lei Wang, Xirong Xu, Yang Yuansheng, Di Ming and Dong Xuezhi, "Feedback Number of Generalized Kautz Digraphs GK(2,n)", pp. 147-160   get it
  • Xingming Tao, Qiongxiang Huang and Fenjin Liu, "The Spectral Radius of Maximum Weighted Unicyclic Graph", pp. 161-170   get it
  • Shuo Li, Dongxiao Yu and Jin Yan, "Color degree and heterochromatic paths in edge-colored graphs", pp. 171-176   get it
  • H. Shaker, A. Rana, M.M. Zobair and M. Hussain, "Super edge-magic total labeling of subdivision of stars", pp. 177-183   get it
  • Jin-Xin Zhou, "Cubic symmetric graphs of order 4p3", pp. 185-192   get it
  • Sheng-liang Yang and Hui-ting Zhang, "The Binet formula for the k-generalized Fibonacci numbers", pp. 193-204   get it
  • Jingjing Li and Juan Liu, "Some basic properties of a class of total transformation digraphs", pp. 205-211   get it
  • Xiao-Pan Yao and Xie-Bin Chen, "Fault-free cycles passing through prescribed a linear forest in a hypercube with faulty edges", pp. 213-223   get it
  • Phillip Gaudreau and Nathan Shank, "Component Order Edge Connectivity For Graphs Of Fixed Size And Order", pp. 225-233   get it
  • Jing Ma, Yongtang Shi and Jun Yue, "The Wiener Polarity Index of Graph Products", pp. 235-244   get it
  • Jian Cao and Xi-Lai Zhao, "Exponential Operator Decomposition For Carlitz Type Generating Functions", pp. 245-255   get it
  • Izak Broere and Tomas Vetrik, "Universal Graphs for Two Graph Properties", pp. 257-262   get it
  • Weiping Wang and Tianming Wang, "An automatic approach to the generating functions of some special sequences", pp. 263-278   get it
  • Zhenguang Zhu and Chunfeng Liu, "Characterizations and Structure of Sequential Graphs", pp. 279-288   get it
  • Larry W. Cusick, "Finite Groups of Derangements on the n-Cube", pp. 289-302   get it
  • Shabnam Malik, "Hamiltonian Cycles in Directed Toeplitz Graphs - Part 2", pp. 303-319   get it
  • Shangdi Chen and Hao Ma, "Two Constructions of Authentication Codes with Multiple Arbiters", pp. 321-330   get it
  • Robert C. Vandell, "Decycling Bipartite Tournaments by Deleting Arcs", pp. 331-342   get it
  • Hanyuan Deng, "Double hexagonal chains with the extremal third order Randic index", pp. 343-352   get it
  • Saieed Akbari and Mohammad Reza Oboudi, "Cycles are determined by their domination polynomials", pp. 353-358   get it
  • Xinping Xu and Yiying Zhang, "Adjacent vertex distinguishing edge-coloring of planar graphs with girth at least five", pp. 359-369   get it
  • Momoko Nagashima, Atsuhiro Nakamoto, Seiya Negami and Yusuke Suzuki, "Generating 3-Connected Quadrangulations on Surfaces", pp. 371-384   get it
  • Fan Li and Mei Lu, "Maximum Randic Index on Unicyclic Graphs with k Pendant Vertices", pp. 385-394   get it
  • Marko Jakovac, "A 2-parametric generalization of Sierpinski gasket graphs", pp. 395-405   get it
  • Jianbo Lv and Jianxi Li, "On the harmonic index and the matching number of a tree", pp. 407-416   get it
  • Lili Hu and Chunhui Lai, "A Characterization On Potentially K2,5-graphic Sequences", pp. 417-431   get it
  • Pingzhi Yuan, "Subsequence Sums Of Zero-Sum Free Sequences II", pp. 433-444   get it
  • Guanghui Zhang and Liangchen Li, "Self-dual Codes and Cyclic Codes over Fp + vFp", pp. 445-455   get it
  • Yongke Qu, Guoqing Wang, Qinghong Wang and Dan Guo, "Extremal incomplete sets in finite abelian groups", pp. 457-475   get it

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