Ars Combinatoria
Volume CXVII, October, 2014


  • Jing Jian Li, Zai Ping Lu and Gaixia Wang, "A Note On Bi-Normal Cayley Graphs", pp. 3-7   get it
  • Anuradha Sharma and Gurmeet K. Bakshi, "Polyadic codes of prime power length II", pp. 9-31   get it
  • Min Soo Sim and Hwa Kyung Kim, "On the generalized competition index of a regular or almost regular tournament", pp. 33-46   get it
  • S.M. Hegde and Shivarajkumar, "On Graceful Unicyclic Wheels", pp. 47-64   get it
  • Hsin-Hao Lai, Ko-Wei Lih, Chen-Ying Lin and Li-Da Tong, "When is the Direct Product of Generalized Mycielskians a Cover Graph?", pp. 65-73   get it
  • Abdelkader Belkillani, "Scores des tournois localement transitifs", pp. 75-83   get it
  • Lihua You and Jieshan Yang, "Notes on the sum of powers of the signless Laplacian eigenvalues of graphs", pp. 85-94   get it
  • Bharati Rajan, Indra Rajasingh, P. Venugopal and M. Chris Monica, "Minimum Metric Dimension of Illiac Networks", pp. 95-103   get it
  • Yuan Sun, "External Difference Families over GF(q2k)", pp. 105-112   get it
  • Muhammad Imran, A.Q. Baig, M.K. Shafiq and Ioan Tomecu, "On Metric Dimension of Generalized Petersen Graphs P(n,3)", pp. 113-130   get it
  • Shude Long and Junliang Cai, "Enumeration of rooted loopless unicursal planar maps", pp. 131-146   get it
  • Mehdi Eliasi and Bijan Taeri, "On Szeged polynomial of graphs with even number of vertices", pp. 147-153   get it
  • Chunlin Liu, Zhenghua Wang and Baodi Li, "Bijections between bicoloured ordered trees and non-crossing partitions", pp. 155-162   get it
  • Premysl Holub, "Forbidden subgraphs and the hamiltonian index of a 2-connected graph", pp. 163-182   get it
  • Edray Herber Goins and Talitha M. Washington, "On The Generalized Climbing Stairs Problem", pp. 183-190   get it
  • Xiaoxia Wu, Lianzhu Zhang, Hawei Dong and Chengfu Qin, "Height Probabilities in the Abelian Sandpile Model on the Generalized Trees", pp. 191-216   get it
  • Stefan O. Tohaneanu, "A Computational Criterion For The Supersolvability Of Line Arrangements", pp. 217-223   get it
  • Hailong Hou and Rui Gu, "On the endomorphism monoid of K(n,4)", pp. 225-244   get it
  • Guihai Yu, Lihua Feng, Qingwen Wang and Aleksandar Ilic, "The minimal positive index of inertia of signed unicyclic graphs", pp. 245-255   get it
  • Abdullah Altin, Bayram Cekim and Esra Erkus-Duman, "Families Of Generating Functions For The Jacobi And Related Matrix Polynomials", pp. 257-273   get it
  • G. Aalipour-Hafshejani, S. Akbari and Z. Ebrahimi, "On D-equivalence class of complete bipartite graphs", pp. 275-288   get it
  • Svetlana Topalova and Stela Zhelezova, "Doubly resolvable designs with small parameters", pp. 289-302   get it
  • Ali Ahmad, F.A. Muntaner-Batle and M. Rius-Font, "On the product Cmxh {Cn,Cn} and other related topics", pp. 303-310   get it
  • Havva Gokkaya and Kemal Uslu, "On The Properties Of New Families Of Pell And Pell-Lucas Numbers", pp. 311-318   get it
  • Litao Guo and Xiaofeng Guo, "Restricted arc-connectivity of digraphs", pp. 319-331   get it
  • Josef Cibulka, Jan Hladky, Michael A. La Croix and David G. Wagner, "A Combinatorial Proof Of Rayleigh Monotonicity For Graphs", pp. 333-348   get it
  • Yan Yang, "A note on the thickness of Kl,m,n", pp. 349-351   get it
  • Xing Chen, Wei Xiong and Jixiang Meng, "Super-λ Connectivity of Bipartite Graphs", pp. 353-361   get it
  • A. Jain, "Equivalence of SDVFA of order (s,t) with DFA, VDFA, NFA and e-NFA", pp. 363-373   get it
  • F.M. Dong, E.G. Tay and K.M. Koh, "Nowhere-zero 3-flows in Tensor Products of Graphs", pp. 375-386   get it
  • Hailong Hou, Rui Gu and Youlin Shang, "End-completely-regular and End-inverse joins of graphs", pp. 387-398   get it
  • F. Falahati Nezhad, A. Iranmanesh, A. Tehranian and M. Azari, "Strict lower bounds on the multiplicative Zagreb indices of graph operations", pp. 399-409   get it
  • Rui Li and Qing Cui, "Spanning trees in subcubic graphs", pp. 411-415   get it
  • Mikio Kano and Zheng Yan, "Spanning trees whose stems have at most k leaves", pp. 417-424   get it
  • Wenzhong Liu and Yanpei Liu, "Rooted General Maps on All Surfaces", pp. 425-433   get it
  • Daniele Bartoli, Giorgio Faina, Gyorgy Kiss, Stefano Marcugini and Fernanda Pambianco, "2-semiarcs in PG(2,q), q ≤ 13", pp. 435-462   get it
  • Guodong Liu, "On Randic index and the matching number", pp. 463-468   get it
  • Shangzhao Li, Shaojun Dai and Liyuan Jiang, "Unsolvable Block-Transitive Automorphism Groups of 2-(v,31,1) Designs", pp. 469-476   get it

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