Ars Combinatoria
Volume CXVIII, January, 2015


  • Yuan Sun, "New Class of Difference Systems of Sets with Three Blocks", pp. 3-11   get it
  • Kyle Kolasinski, Jianwei Lin, Chira Lumduanhom, Bryan Phinezy and Futaba Okamoto, "The Singular Chromatic Number of a Graph", pp. 13-31   get it
  • Haoli Wang, Xirong Xu, Yuansheng Yang and Guoqing Wang, "On the Domination Number of Generalized Petersen Graphs P(ck,k)", pp. 33-49   get it
  • Yufei Huang and Bolian Liu, "Noncrossing partitions with fixed points having specific properties", pp. 51-61   get it
  • Xueliang Li and Yaping Mao, "The minimal size of a graph with given generalized 3-edge-connectivity", pp. 63-72   get it
  • Jizhen Yang and Yunpeng Wang, "A kind of identities for generalized q-harmonic numbers and reciprocals of q-binomial coefficients", pp. 73-85   get it
  • Haixia Guo and Shufang Zhao, "Lattices generated by orbits of subspaces in t-singular spaces", pp. 87-94   get it
  • You Gao, Gang Wang and Yifan He, "A New Construction of Multisender Authentication Codes with Simultaneous Model from Singular Symplectic Geometry over Finite Fields", pp. 95-107   get it
  • Liandi Zhang, Caifeng Zhou and Yuqin Zhang, "Two kinds of equicoverable paths and cycles", pp. 109-118   get it
  • Chia-Ming Lin and Tao-Ming Wang, "On Zero Magic Sums of Integer Magic Graphs", pp. 119-134   get it
  • Sizhong Zhou, "Degree Conditions for Graphs to Be Fractional k-Covered Graphs", pp. 135-142   get it
  • Kinkar Ch. Das, A. Dilek Gungor and S. Burcu Bozkurt, "On the normalized Laplacian eigenvalues of graphs", pp. 143-154   get it
  • M.A. Seoud and A.E.A. Mahran, "On Strongly Multiplicative Graphs", pp. 155-165   get it
  • Joanna Raczek, "Unicyclic graphs with equal total and total outer-connected domination numbers", pp. 167-178   get it
  • Sapna Jain, "Correction of 2-dimensional occasional and cluster errors in LRTJ-spaces", pp. 179-189   get it
  • Sizhong Zhou, "A new sufficient condition for graphs to be (a,b,k)-critical graphs", pp. 191-199   get it
  • Roberto B. Corcino and Mahi6d M. Mangontarum, "On Multiparameter q-Noncentral Stirling and Bell Numbers", pp. 201-220   get it
  • Min-Jen Jou, "The Large numbers of 2-independent sets in extra-free forests", pp. 221-226   get it
  • Lane Clark and Darin Johnson, "On The Tree Domination Number Of A Random Graph", pp. 227-241   get it
  • Hongbo Hua and Libing Zhang, "The total number of matchings in triangle graph of a connected graph", pp. 243-251   get it
  • Kamil Ari, "On the generalized k-Pell (p.i)-numbers", pp. 253-267   get it
  • Fan Wang and Heping Zhang, "Two types of matchings extend to Hamiltonian cycles in hypercubes", pp. 269-283   get it
  • Tanawat Wichianpaisarn and Chariya Uiyyasathian, "Clique-chromatic Numbers of Line Graphs", pp. 285-291   get it
  • Yahui Hu, Yaoping Hou and Zhangdong Ouyang, "The Second-minimum Gutman Index of The Unicyclic Graphs With Given Girth", pp. 293-304   get it
  • Luis Gonzalez and Angelo Santana, "A generalization of a binomial sum for the Stirling numbers of the second kind", pp. 305-313   get it
  • Qiong Fan and Shuchao Li, "On the index of quasi-tree graphs with perfect matchings", pp. 315-332   get it
  • Rita SahaRay and Ilene H. Morgan, "Critical Sets in F-squares", pp. 333-347   get it
  • Dae San Kim and Taekyun Kim, "Some Identites Of Boole And Euler Polynomials", pp. 349-356   get it
  • Y.M. Borse, M.M. Shikare and Naiyer Pirouz, "A Characterization Of Graphic Matroids Which Yield Cographic Splittings Matroids", pp. 357-366   get it
  • Jen-Ling Shang, "Spiders are antimagic", pp. 367-372   get it
  • Keaitsuda Nakprasit and Kittikorn Nakprasit, "The strong chromatic index of graphs with restricted Ore-degrees", pp. 373-380   get it
  • Xiaoxiao Duan, Kefeng Diao, Fuliang Lu and Xiao Zhu, "The smallest realization of a given vector", pp. 381-389   get it
  • Urszula Bednarz, Dorota Brod, Iwona Wloch and Malgorzata Wolowiec-Musial, "On three types of (2,k)-distance Fibonacci numbers and number decompositions", pp. 391-405   get it
  • Jianglu Wang and Lei Mou, "The Hamiltonicity of k-Connected [s,t]-Graphs", pp. 407-418   get it
  • Tufan Turaci and Mukaddes Okten, "Vulnerability Of Mycielski Graphs Via Residual Closeness", pp. 419-427   get it
  • Sabrina X.M. Pang and Lun Lv, "A combinatorial proof of a general two-term recurrence", pp. 429-431   get it
  • Jyhmin Kuo and Hung-Lin Fu, "The Absorbant Number of Generalized de Bruijn Digraphs", pp. 433-443   get it

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