Ars Combinatoria
Volume CXIX, January, 2015


  • Gaohua Tang, Huadong Su and Beishang Ren, "Zero-divisor Semigroups of Star Graphs and Two-star Graphs", pp. 3-11   get it
  • Mustapha Chellali, "k-Domination stable graphs upon edge removal", pp. 13-21   get it
  • Hiu-Fai Law, "Full Friendly Index Sets Of Spiders", pp. 23-31   get it
  • Jizhu Nan, Jun Guo and Suogang Gao, "Subspaces in d-bounded distance-regular graphs and authemtication code with perfect secrecy", pp. 33-45   get it
  • Mustafa Alhashem, Guy-Vincent Jourdan and Nejib Zaguia, "On The Book Embedding Of Ordered Sets", pp. 47-64   get it
  • Chuanan Wei and Xiaoxia Wang, "A Standard Proof Of Andrews' Conjecture For 4φ3-Series", pp. 65-69   get it
  • B.S. Panda and Preeti Goel, "L(2,1)-labeling of Block Graphs", pp. 71-95   get it
  • Damei Lv and Wensong Lin, "L(j,k)-labelings of Cartesian products of three complete graphs", pp. 97-116   get it
  • Lindsay Merchant, "Nim On The Complete Graph", pp. 117-127   get it
  • R. Ichishima, F.A. Muntaner-Batle and M. Rius-Font, "Bounds on the size of super edge-magic graphs depending on the girth", pp. 129-133   get it
  • Weihua Yang, Huiqiu Lin, Wei Cai and Xiaofeng Guo, "On cyclic edge connectivity of regular graphs with two orbits", pp. 135-141   get it
  • Saeed Shaebani, "On b-continuity of Kneser Graphs of Type KG(2k+1,k)", pp. 143-147   get it
  • Yufei Huang and Bolian Liu, "The partition theorem of connected digraphs and its enumerative applications", pp. 149-159   get it
  • Suhkjin Hur, "Minimal Forbidden Subgraphs For The Klein Bottle With Low Connectivity", pp. 161-165   get it
  • Julian Allagan and Peter Johnson, "Estimates of the choice numbers and the Ohba numbers of some complete multipartite graphs", pp. 167-176   get it
  • Lei Chen, Changhong Lu and Zhenbing Zeng, "Graphs with unique minimum paired-dominating set", pp. 177-192   get it
  • Dan Saracino, "The 2-color Rado Number of x1 + x2 + ... + xm-1 = axm, II", pp. 193-210   get it
  • Xueliang Li, Jing Ma, Yongtang Shi and Jun Yue, "Note on a Turan-type problem on distances", pp. 211-219   get it
  • Ram Krishna Pandey and Amitabha Tripathi, "A Note on the Density of M-sets in Geometric Sequence", pp. 221-224   get it
  • Zhiping Wang and Xu Han, "The t-Pebbling Number And 2t-Pebbling Property On The Graph Dn,C2m", pp. 225-234   get it
  • I.W. Sudarsana, H. Assiyatun, S. Uttunggadewa and E.T. Baskoro, "On the Ramsey Numbers R(S2,m,K2,q) and R(sK2,Ks+Cn)", pp. 235-246   get it
  • Xueyi Huang and Qiongxiang Huang, "On the Laplacian integral (k-1)-cyclic graphs", pp. 247-256   get it
  • Antonio Cossidente and Tim Penntila, "A new hemisystem of H(3,49)", pp. 257-262   get it
  • Wei Liao and Mingchu Li, "[r,s,t]-colorings of fans", pp. 263-273   get it
  • Janusz Dybizbanski, Tomasz Dzido and Stanislaw Radziszowski, "On Some Zarankiewicz Numbers and Bipartite Ramsey Numbers for Quadrilateral", pp. 275-287   get it
  • S. Akbari, M.N. Iradmusa and M. Jamaali, "A Note on Edge Coloring of Graphs", pp. 289-292   get it
  • Houmen Belkhechine, Imed Boudabbous and Mohamed Baka Elayech, "Les graphes (-1)-critiques", pp. 293-319   get it
  • Teresa Sousa, "Decomposition of graphs into cycles of length seven and single edges", pp. 321-329   get it
  • Guoliang Hao and Jianguo Qian, "On the sum of out-domination number and in-domination number of digraphs", pp. 331-337   get it
  • S.M. Hegde and Lolita Priya Castelino, "Harmonious Colorings of Digraphs", pp. 339-352   get it
  • Xiang-Jun Li, "k-Connected Graphs Without K4", pp. 353-362   get it
  • Sheila Morais de Almeida, Celia Picinin de Mello and Aurora Morgana, "Edge-Coloring of Split Graphs", pp. 363-375   get it
  • Wei Gao, "A sufficient condition for a graph to be fractional (a,b,n)-critical deleted graph", pp. 377-390   get it
  • Mohamed Baka Elayech, Abdeljelil Salhi and Hamza Si Kaddour, "The (-1)-critically duo-free tournaments", pp. 391-402   get it
  • Liu Xin-sheng and Zhu Zhi-qiang, "Upper Bounds on the D(β)-Vertex-Distinguishing Total-Chromatic Number of Graphs", pp. 403-411   get it
  • M.I. Jinnah and S. Beena, "On E4-Cordial Graphs", pp. 413-422   get it
  • Haixia Guo and Jizhu Nan, "Error-tolerance pooling design in a finite vector space", pp. 423-428   get it
  • Mukund V. Bapat and N.B. Limaye, "E3-cordiality os some helm-related graphs", pp. 429-443   get it

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