Ars Combinatoria
Volume CXX, April, 2015


  • Xiang Gao, "A Note On The Q-Lucas Theorem", pp. 3-5   get it
  • Marc Morris-Rivera, Maggy Tomova, Cindy Wyels and Aaron Yeager, "The Radio Number Of Cn square Cn", pp. 7-21   get it
  • Juan Liu, Xindong Zhang and Jixiang Meng, "Domination in lexicographic product digraphs", pp. 23-32   get it
  • R. Lakshmi, "Optimal orientations of P3 x K5 and C8 x K3", pp. 33-38   get it
  • Qing-Hua He and Shou-Jun Xu, "Schultz polynomial and modified Schultz polynomial of a random benzenoid chain", pp. 39-50   get it
  • S. Akbari, A. Daemi, O. Hatami, A. Javanmard and A. Mehrabian, "Nowhere-zero Unoriented Flows in Hamiltonian Graphs", pp. 51-63   get it
  • Meng-Xiao Yin, Ye Wang, Jian-Hua Yin and Cheng Zhong, "On a characterization for a graphic sequence to be potentially Kr+1-E(G)-graphic", pp. 65-83   get it
  • Melissa S. Keranen, "Some results on transverse Steiner quadruple systems of type gtu1", pp. 85-95   get it
  • Fenyan Liu and Junli Liu, "A new construction of pooling designs based on bilinear forms", pp. 97-103   get it
  • Richard L. Rubin, "Binomial Structures Associated with a q2-Analogue Operator", pp. 105-111   get it
  • Ji Young Choi, "Multi-Restrained Stirling Numbers", pp. 113-127   get it
  • Rui Zhang, Yongqi Sun and Yali Wu, "Asymmetric Cycle Avoidance Online Ramsey Games in Random Graphs", pp. 129-146   get it
  • Mohammadreza Bidar, "Identities involving Partitions with bounded Parts", pp. 147-160   get it
  • K. Ali, M. Hussain, H. Shaker and M. Javaid, "Super edge-magic total labeling of subdivided stars", pp. 161-167   get it
  • Muhuo Liu and Bolian Liu, "On the signless Laplacian spectra of bicyclic and tricyclic graphs", pp. 169-180   get it
  • Rita SahaRay and Avishek Adhikari, "Structural Form of a Minimal Critical Set for a Latin Square Representing the Elementary Abelian 2-group of Order 8", pp. 181-191   get it
  • Qing Liu, Zhishan Liu and Haiping Wu, "On the Ek-cordiality of some graphs", pp. 193-198   get it
  • Saeed Shaebani, "On Fall Colorings of Graphs", pp. 199-212   get it
  • Qinglun Yan and Xiaona Fan, "q-Harmonic Sum Identities With Multi-Binomial Coefficient", pp. 213-221   get it
  • T.H. Marshall, "On Oriented Graphs with Certain Extension Properties", pp. 223-236   get it
  • Hongyan Lu, Zhongxun Zhu and Jing Luo, "A Unified A pproach to External Graphs for Different Indices", pp. 237-243   get it
  • Ziba Eslami, "Algorithmic Aspects of Trades", pp. 245-253   get it
  • Paola Bonacini and Lucia Marino, "Equitable Block Colourings", pp. 255-258   get it
  • David A. Cox and Andrew Erskine, "On Closed Graphs I", pp. 259-274   get it
  • Fu-Tao Hu and Jun-Ming Xu, "The bondage number of (n-3)-regular graphs of order n", pp. 275-281   get it
  • Fatih Yilmaz and Emrullah Kirklar, "A note on k-tridiagonal matrices with the balancing and Lucas-balancing numbers", pp. 283-291   get it
  • Jianxi Liu, "Harmonic index of dense graphs", pp. 293-304   get it
  • Sapna Jain, "On some important classes of row-cyclic array codes", pp. 305-320   get it
  • Xiao Feng, Penghao Cao and Liping Yuan, "On the interior H-points of H-polygons", pp. 321-331   get it
  • Miloud Mihoubi and Lilia Reggane, "The s-degenerate r-Lah numbers", pp. 333-340   get it
  • Bart De Bruyn, "An alternative a pproach to the classification of the regular near hexagons with parameters (s,t,t2) = (2,11,1) ", pp. 341-352   get it
  • Ya-Hong Chen and Xiao-Dong Zhang, "The Terminal Wiener Index of Trees with Diameter or Maximum Degree", pp. 353-367   get it
  • Eddie Cheng, Laszlo Liptak, Lih-Hsing Hsu, Jimmy J.M. Tan and Cheng-Kuan Lin, "Conditional Matching Preclusion For The Star Graphs", pp. 369-382   get it
  • Omur Deveci, Merve Akdeniz and Erdal Karaduman, "The Generalized Pell p-Sequences in Groups", pp. 383-401   get it
  • Zhaoyang Luop, "A Result on Linear Arboricity of Planar Graphs", pp. 403-412   get it
  • Mourad Abchiche and Hacene Belbachir, "Generalized Lucas' Theorem", pp. 413-416   get it
  • Wei Jin, "Finite 2-Geodesic Transitive Graphs Of Valency 3p", pp. 417-425   get it
  • Y.M. Borse, "On Removable Series Classes In Critically Connected Binary Matroids", pp. 427-432   get it
  • Hongli Wang, "Construction of Authentication Codes with Arbitration from Singular Symplectic Geometry", pp. 433-445   get it

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