Ars Combinatoria
Volume CXXIII, October, 2015


  • Mingfang Huang and Xiangwen Li, "Maximum degree of 3-independent vertices and group connectivity", pp. 3-16   get it
  • Ruxandra Marinescu-Ghemeci, "On path partition dimension of trees", pp. 17-32   get it
  • Jing-Ming Zhang and Ji-Ming Guo, "The Signless Laplacian specttral radius of bicyclic graphs with order n and girth g", pp. 33-40   get it
  • Arie Bialostocki, Shoni Gilboa and Yehuda Roditty, "Anti-Ramsey numbers of small graphs", pp. 41-53   get it
  • Jianping Ou and Weisheng Zhao, "On restricted edge connectivity of strong product graphs", pp. 55-64   get it
  • Litao Guo and Xiaofeng Guo, "Super connectivity of Kronecker products of some graphs", pp. 65-73   get it
  • S. Morteza Mirafzal, "On The Automorphism Groups Of Regular Hyperstars And Folded Hyperstars", pp. 75-86   get it
  • Lin Sun and Hua Cai, "On (P,1)-total labelling of special 1-planar graphs", pp. 87-96   get it
  • Futaba Fujie, "On traceable and upper traceable numbers of graphs", pp. 97-114   get it
  • Haining Jiang, Jixiang Meng and Yingzhi Tian, "The Harary index of digraphs", pp. 115-124   get it
  • Yair Caro, Leida Gonzalez, Luz Elimar Marchan and Oscar Ordaz, "Barycentric and zero-sum Ramsey numbers", pp. 125-150   get it
  • Ting-Pang Chang and Li-Da Tong, "The Hamiltonian Numbers in Graphs", pp. 151-158   get it
  • Qing Liu and Zhishan Liu, "A necessary and sufficient condition for a graph to be E2-cordial", pp. 159-167   get it
  • O. Favaron, S.M. Sheikholeslami and L. Volkmann, "Signed k-domatic numbers of graphs", pp. 169-184   get it
  • Xin Xie and Jun-Ming Xu, "On the (l,ω)-domination number of the cube network", pp. 185-194   get it
  • M. Ali Ozarslan and Cem Kaanoglu, "Some Generalizations Of Multiple Laguerre Polynomials Via Rodrigues Formula", pp. 195-206   get it
  • Yuchao Li, Junfeng Du and Jianhua Tu, "On the number of 5-matchings in boron-nitrogen fullerene graphs", pp. 207-214   get it
  • Sapna Jain, "Solid Bursts-From Hamming to TR-Spaces", pp. 215-230   get it
  • Dengju Ma, Han Ren and Damei Lv, "L(2,1)-labeling of a circular graph", pp. 231-245   get it
  • K. Kayathri and S. Pethanachi Selvam, "Enumeration Of Non-Isomorphic Semigraphs In Γ4", pp. 247-260   get it
  • Tingzeng Wu and Heping Zhang, "Some analytical properties of the permanental polynomial of a graph", pp. 261-267   get it
  • Xiang Yong Sun and Jian Liang Wu, "Acyclic Total Colorings of Planar Graphs", pp. 269-282   get it
  • Dae San Kin and Taekyun Kim, "Some Identities Of Symmetry For Carlitz q-Bernoulli Polynomials Invariant Under S4", pp. 283-289    get it
  • Gustavus J. Simmons, "Cubic, edge critical, Hamilton laceable bigraphs", pp. 291-302   get it
  • Chuan-Min Lee, "Remarks on the complexity of signed k-independece on graphs", pp. 303-315   get it
  • Jenq-Jong Lin, "Trees with the second and third largest number of maximum independent sets", pp. 317-327   get it
  • Maged Z. Youssef, "On α-labelling of disconneted graphs", pp. 329-338   get it
  • Fenjin Liu, "On Schwenk-like formulas for Q-characteristic polynomials of graphs", pp. 339-350   get it
  • Donna Q.J. Dou and Anne X.Y. Ren, "The q-log-convexity of Domb's polynomials", pp. 351-370   get it
  • Elif Tan and Ali Bulent Ekin, "Bi-Periodic Incomplete Lucas Sequences", pp. 371-380   get it
  • Li Xianyang and Shen Hao, "Constructions and Bounds for Splitting and Separating Systems", pp. 381-406   get it
  • Jing Guo, Xiang'en Chen, Zhiwen Wang and Bing Yao, "Total vertex irregularity strength of certain equitable complete m-partite graphs", pp. 407-418   get it
  • Xiuli Wang and Lina Wang, "One Construction of Multireceiver Authentication Codes from Pseudo-Symplectic Geometry over Finite Fields ", pp. 419-430   get it
  • V. Kowsalya, Vivin J. Vernold and M. Venkatachalam, "On Star Chromatic Number of Sunlet Graph Families", pp. 431-437   get it
  • Guanghui Zhang and Xiaokun Zhu, "Cyclic and Negacyclic codes of length 2m over finite fields", pp. 439-449   get it

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