Ars Combinatoria
Volume XL, August, 1995

  • Chi Wang, "Competition graphs and resource graphs of digraphs"

  • Elaine T. Bell, "Decomposition of Kn into cycles of length at most fifty"

  • Robert Molina, "Correction of a proof on the Ally-reconstruction number of a disconnected graph"

  • Marcel Erne and Kurt Stege, "Combinatorial applications of ordinal sum decompositions"

  • Y. Caro and Y. Roditty, "A zero-sum conjecture for trees"

  • T. Aaron Gulliver, "New optimal ternery linear codes of dimension 6"

  • Hyung Chan Jung, "On the product of some posets: jump number, greediness"

  • Dirk Keppens and Wim Mielants, "On the number of points on a plane algebraic curve over GF(q)[t]/t^n"

  • Thomas Kunkle and Dinesh G. Sarvate, "On ternary designs with a specified number of blocks with repeated elements"

  • David K. Garnick, "The irregularity Strength of m \times n grids for m,n>= 18"

  • T.A. Jenkyns and D. McCarthy, "Generating all k-subsets of {1,...,n} with minimal changes"

  • Daniel M. Gordon, Oren Patashnik, John Petro and Herbert Taylor, "Minimum (12,6,3) covers"

  • Dal-Young Jeong, "On the face vectors of arrangements of curves"

  • Joseph Y-T. Leung and W.D. Wei, "Some properties of nonnegative integral matrices"

  • Douglas Bauer, H.J. Broersma and H.J. Veldman, "On generalizing a theorem of Jung"

  • A.J.W. Hilton and J.K. Dugdale, "Disconnection numbers, pizza cuts, and cycle rank"

  • A. Finbow and B. Hartnell, "A characterization of parity graphs containing no cycle of order five or less"

  • A. Khodkar, "Numbers of common triples in simple balanced ternary designs"

  • Martin Kochol, "Relatively narrow latin parallelpipeds that cannot be extended to a latin cube"

  • Ljubo Marangunic, "On involutions acting on symmetric (81,16,3)-block designs"

  • Peter Dankelmann and Lutz Volkmann, "New sufficient conditions for equality of minimum degree and edge-connectivity"

  • I. Cahit, "Equitable tree labellings"

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