Ars Combinatoria
Volume XLII, April, 1996

  • Zhang Xuebin, "On the existence of (v,4,1)-RPMD"

  • Ursala Lenkewitz and Lutz Volkmann, "Neighbourhood and degree conditions for the existence of regular factors"

  • Jonathan Keene and Andrew Simoson, "Balanced strands for asymmetric, edge-graceful spiders"

  • Leonid Brailovsky, Dmitri V. Pasechnik and Cheryl E. Praeger, "Classified of 2-quasi-invariant subsets"

  • Terry S. Griggs and Alex Rosa, "An invariant for one-factorizations of the complete graph"

  • Sylvia D. Monson, "The efects of vertex deletion and edge deletion on the clique partition number"

  • W.-A. Jackson, K.A.S. Quinn and P.R. Wild, "Quadrics and difference sets"

  • Markus Eckstein, "An upper bound for the depth-r interval number of the complete graph"

  • Robin J. Chapman and Julie Haviland, "The rotation index of a graph"

  • R. Bodendiek and G. Walther, "On (A,D)-antimagic parachutes"

  • R.H. Jeurissen and Th. Bezembinder, "Enumerating oriented triangle graphs"

  • Norbert Sauer and Jozef Siran, "The chromatic number of the union of two forests"

  • Yair Caro, "Simple proffs to three parity theorems"

  • Daniel Slilaty and Jeffrey Vanderkam, "Bounds on squares of two-sets"

  • Dominique Buset, "Locally P^k_n graphs"

  • Wai Chee Shiu, "Difference sets in groups containing subgroups of index 2"

  • L. Brailovsky and M. Herzog, "Counting squares of two-subsets in finite groups"

  • Anant P. Godbole, Sandra E. Thompson and Eric Vigoda, "General upper bounds for covering numbers"

  • Odile Favaron, Evelyne Flandrin, Hao Li and Zdenek Ryjacek, "Shortest walks in almost claw-free graphs"

  • Mirko Hornak and Roman Sotak, "The fifth jump of the point-distinguishing chromatic index of Kn,n"

  • Mike Jacroux, "On the construction of m times n magic rectangles where m and n are both nonprime integers"

  • Hongxiang Li and Yixun Lin, "On the boundary inequality for bandwidth of graphs"

  • Khaled A.S. Abdel-Ghaffar, "On the number of mutually orthogonal partial latin squares"

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