Ars Combinatoria
Volume XLIV, December, 1996

  • Steve Kirkland and Norman J. Pullman, "The polytope of generalized tournament matrices with a common integral score vector"

  • I Andrew Affleck and D.R. Farenick, "Numerical radius of a multigraph"

  • A.K. Agarwal, "New classes of infinite 3-way partition identities"

  • Y. Roditty, "Packing and covering of the complete graph, V: the forests of order six and their multiple copies"

  • J.H. Dinitz and D.K. Garnick, "Holey factorizations"

  • S. Arumugam and R. Kala, "Domination parameters of star graph"

  • Michael R. Anderson, "Efficient constructions of antichain cutsets"

  • Jagdish Saran, "Some distributions related to a random walk in a plane"

  • W.G. Bridges and Tzong-Pyng Tsaur, "Some structural characterizations of lambda-designs"

  • P.J. Owens and D.A. Preece, "Some new non-cyclic latin squares that have cyclic and Youden properties"

  • R. Safavi-Naini and L. Tombak, "Near-perfect protection and key strategies in authentication codes under spoofing attack of order r"

  • Charlie H. Cooke, "An extended class of resolvable, incomplete lattice designs"

  • T. Aaron Gulliver and Vijay K. Bhargava, "Improvements to the bounds on optimal binary linear codes of dimensions 11 and 12"

  • Denis Hanson, Gary MacGillivray and Bjarne Toft, "Choosability of bipartite graphs"

  • Arnold Knopfmacher and Richard Warlimont, "Covers of finite sets with distinct block sizes"

  • Martin Hildebrand and John Starkweather, "Log concavity involving the number of paths from the origin to points along the line (a,b,c,d) + t(1,-1,1,-1)"

  • Kevin McDougal, "Locally invariant positions of (0,1) matrices"

  • V. Linek and B. Sands, "A note on paths in edge-coloured tournaments"

  • Zhike Jiang and Mary McLeish, "Directed triple systems with a class of automorphisms"

  • Peter Adams and Elizabeth J. Billington, "Lambda-fold 3-perfect 9-cycle systems"

  • Qiongxiang Huang and Jinjiang Yuan, "The automorphism groups of circulant digraphs of degree 3"

  • Yanxun Chang, Guihua Yang and Qingde Kang, "The spectrum of self-converse MTS"

  • Maohua Le, "A note on the generalized Bernoulli sequences"

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