Ars Combinatoria
Volume XLV, April, 1997

  • Hirobumi Mizuno and Iwao Sato, "Characteristic Polynomials of some covers of symmetric digraphs"

  • Ernesto Dedo', Norma Zagaglia Salvi and Stephen J. Kirkland, "A Particular Class Of Bigraphs"

  • Jayme L. Szwarcfiter, "Recognizing Clique-Helly Graphs"

  • R.C. Mullin, A.C.H. Ling, R.J.R. Abel and F.E. Bennett, "On the Closure of Subsets of {4,5,...,9} which contain {4}"

  • B.L. Hartnell, "On The Local Structure Of Well-Covered Graphs Without 4-Cycles"

  • Dusan B. Jevtic, "On Sum Distinct Sets Of Integral Vectors"

  • Jack M. Robertson and William A. Webb, "Near Exact and Envy Free Cake Division"

  • John Ginsburg, "A coloring problem on chordal rings"

  • Thomas Zaslavsky, "Is There a Matroid Theory of Signed Graph Embedding?"

  • Ahmed M. Assaf, Nabil Shalaby and L.P.S. Singh, "On Packing Designs with Block Size 5 and Indexes 3 and 6"

  • Clark Kimberling, "Fractal Sequences and Interspersions"

  • F. Hurtado and M. Noy, "Counting triangulations of almost-convex polygons"

  • Fair Barbour Hurst and Talmage James Reid, "Ramsey Numbers For Cocircuits In Matroids"

  • M.C. Kong, Sin-Min Lee and Hugo S.H. Sun, "On Magic Strength of Graph"

  • David W. Bange, Anthony E. Barkauskas and Lane H. Clark, "The Number of Orientations of a Tree Admitting an Efficient Dominating Set"

  • Dingjun Lou, "A Local Neighbourhood Condition for Cycles"

  • J.D. Fanning, "The Coexistence of Some Binary and N-Ary Designs"

  • Glenn Hurlbert and Garth Isaak, "On Higher Dimensional Perfect Factors"

  • Michael R. Pinter, "A Class Of Well-Covered Graphs With Girth Four"

  • Xiafu Zhang and Hangfu Zhang, "Three Mutually Orthogonal Idempotent Latin Squares of Order 18"

  • Lin Xiaohui, Jiang Wenzhou, Zhang Chengxue and Yang Yuansheng, "On Smallest Maximally Nonhamiltonian Graphs"

  • Mirko Hornak, "Achromatic index of K12"

  • Arbind Kumar Lal, "Some Games related to Permutation Group Statistics and their type B Analogues"

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