Ars Combinatoria
Volume XLVI, August, 1997

  • Mark Ramras, "Fundamental Subsets of Edges of Hypercubes"

  • Ulrich Teschner, "On the bondage number of block graphs"

  • R. Bodendiek and G. Walther, "(a,d)-Antimagic Parachutes II"

  • P. Horak, N.C.K. Phillips, W.D. Wallis and J.L. Yucas, "Counting frequencies of configurations in Steiner Triple Systems"

  • Josef Lauri, "Pseudosimilarity in Graphs - A Survey"

  • Manoel Lemos, "Non-binary matroids having four non-binary elements"

  • Lowell W. Beineke, Wayne Goddard and Marc J. Lipman, "Graphs with Maximum Edge-Integrity"

  • L.H. Clark and T.D. Porter, "On the Maximum Number of Chords in a Cycle of a Graph"

  • R.G. Stanton, "Ryser Designs"

  • Timothy R. Walsh, "Worst-Case Analysis of Read's Chromatic Polynomial Algorithm"

  • A. Antonysamy, G. Arumugam and C. Xavier, "An Algorithm To Find The Core Of A CV-Graph"

  • Peter Danziger, "Uniform Restricted Resolvable Designs with r = 3"

  • Gary Chartrand, Grzegorz Kubicki, Christina M. Mynhardt and Farrokh Saba, "On Graphs With a Unique Least Common Multiple"

  • Marialuisa J. de Resmini, "On the classical semitranslation plane of order 16"

  • Bert Randerath and Lutz Volkmann, "Simplicial Graphs and Relationships to Different Graph Invariants"

  • Michael O. Albertson, "The Irregularity of a Graph"

  • Guantao Chen and Yiping Liu, "Hamiltonian Graphs with Large Neighborhood Unions"

  • R.P. Swaminathan, "On a Class of Graphic Matrices"

  • Xuding Zhu, "A note on graph reconstruction"

  • R. Yilmaz and I. Cahit, "E-cordial Graphs"

  • Dragos Cvetkovic, "A graph theoretical procedure for clustering binary vectors"

  • Thomas Niessen, "A Fan-Type Result for Regular Factors"

  • Charles Vanden Eynden, "Decomposition of Complete Bipartite Graphs"

  • Alfred Geroldinger and Rudolf Schneider, "On Minimal Zero Sequences With Large Cross Number"

  • Kiyoshi Ando and Hideo Komuro, "The seven graphs whose H-transformations are uniquely determined"

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