Ars Combinatoria
Volume LIII, August, 1999

  • Deborah J. Street and Anne Penfold Street "But where are designs used?"

  • Jeh Gwon Lee "The Edge Covering Number of Ordered Sets"

  • M.E. Raines and C.A. Rodger "Embedding Partial Extended Triple Systems when l >= 2 "

  • J.A. Bate and G.H.J. van Rees "The Size of the Smallest Strong Critical Set in a Latin Square"

  • Dawit Haile "Bounds on the Size of Critical Edge-Chromatic Graphs "

  • Beiliang Du and W.D. Wallis "The Existence of Self-Conjugate Self-Orthogonal Idempotent Diagonal Latin Squares"

  • Arnold Knopfmacher and M.E. Mays "Compositions With m Distinct Parts"

  • Mats Naslund "On Steiner Triple Systems and Perfect Codes"

  • Kevin Phelps and Carol Yin "Generalized Steiner Systems With Block Size Three and Group Size Four"

  • Kong Gaohua and Zhang Xuebin "On the existence of (v,n,4,l)-IPMD for even l"

  • E. Mendelsohn and N. Shalaby "On Skolem Labelling of Windmills"

  • Chester J. Salwach "Codes of C(n,n,1) Designs "

  • Thomas Dale Porter "Minimal Partitions of a Graph"

  • Brian Alspach, Joy Morris and V. Vilfred "Self-complementary circulant graphs"

  • William Kocay and Ryan Szypowski "The Application of Determining Sets to Projective Configurations"

  • Clark Kimberling and Harris S. Shultz "Card Sorting by Dispersions and Fractal Sequences"

  • Michael S. Roddy "A note on orders with level diagrams"

  • R.S. Rees, D.R. Stinson, R. Wei and G.H.J. van Rees "An application of covering designs: determining the maximum consistent set of shares in a threshold scheme"

  • David G.C. Horrocks "On the Number of Dependent Sets in a Connected Graph"

  • Chiang Lin, Jenq-Jong Lin and Tay-Woei Shyu "Isomorphic Star Decompositions of Multicrowns and the Power of Cycles"

  • J.L. Ramirez-Alfonsin "Gracefulness of Replicated Paths and Cycles"

  • Toru Araki and Yukio Shibata "Isomorphic factorization of complete bipartite graph into forest"

  • Dragan Acketa and Vojislav Mudrinski "A family of 4-designs on 38 points"

  • Bridget S. Webb "Infinite designs with more point orbits than block orbits"

  • Heping Zhang and Fuji Zhang "Block Graphs of Z-transformation Graphs of Perfect Matchings of Plane Elementary Bipartite Graphs"

  • H.L. Fu and C.A. Rodger "Almost Resolvable Directed m-cycle systems: m = 3 (mod 6)"

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