Ars Combinatoria
Volume LIV, December, 1999

  • Robert C. Brigham, Julie R. Carrington and Richard P. Vitray "Bipartite Graphs and Absolute Difference Tolerances"

  • Wun-Seng Chou and Peter Jau-Shyong Shiue "On the Group of Line Crossings on the 2-D Torus "

  • H.L. Fu, C.A. Rodger and D.G. Sarvate "The existence of group divisible designs with first and second associates, having block size 3 "

  • Hirobumi Mizuno and Iwao Sato "Isomorphisms of Cyclic Abelian Covers of Symmetric Digraphs"

  • David Vickrey "k-equitable labelings of complete bipartite and multipartite graphs"

  • D.G. Hoffman and K.S. Kirkpatrick "Another Doyen-Wilson Theorem"

  • Christos Koukouvinos and Jennifer Seberry "New orthogonal designs and sequences with two and three variables in order 28"

  • Dragan Acketa, Vojislav Mudrinski and Snezana Matic-Kekic "A large collection of designs from a wreath product on 21 points"

  • I. Cahit and R. Yilmaz "E3-Cordial Graphs"

  • Wayne Goddard, Ortrud Oellermann, Peter Slater and Henda Swart "Bounds on the Total Redundance and Efficiency of a Graph"

  • Yi-Liang Chen and Wei-Hou Cheng "A Note on Joint Distributions of Some Random Vectors Defined on Permutations"

  • Leonid M. Koganov, Valery A. Liskovets and Timothy R.S. Walsh "Total Vertex Enumeration in Rooted Planar Maps"

  • Jason E. Fulman, Michael D. Galloy, Gary J. Sherman and Jeffrey M. Vanderkam "Counting Nilpotent Pairs in Finite Groups"

  • Neil P. Carnes, Anne Dye and James F. Reed "Bicyclic Antiautomorphisms of Mendelsohn Triple Systems"

  • Tilla Schade "The linear 3-cover of the Hermitean forms graph on 81 vertices"

  • L.H. Clark and J.W. Moon "On the General Randic Index for Certain Families of Trees"

  • Jeno Lehel and Inessa Levi "Loops With Partitions and Matchings"

  • David Bedford and Roger M. Whitaker "New and Old Values for Maximal MOLS(n)"

  • Sheng-Chyang Liaw, David Kuo and Gerard J. Chang "Integral Sum Numbers of Graphs"

  • Robert B. Gardner, Coleen Huff and Janie Kennedy "Decompositions and Packings of Digraphs with Orientations of a 4-Cycle"

  • M.A. Seoud, A.E.I. Abd el Maqsoud and J. Sheehan "Gracefulness of the union of cycles and paths"

  • Bhalchandra D. Thatte "G-reconstruction of graphs"

  • Jeremy Dover "Spreads and Resolutions of Ree Unitals"

  • G. Gutin "Connected (g,f)-factors and supereulerian digraphs"

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