Ars Combinatoria
Volume LVII, October, 2000

  • Peter Adams, Darryn E. Bryant and A. Khodkar "The fine structure of (v,3) directed triple systems: v = 2 (mod 3)"

  • Robert C. Brigham, Julie R. Carrington and Richard P. Vitray "Domination Sequences"

  • Gary MacGillivray and Kathryn L.B. Wood "Re-Orienting Tournaments by Pushing Vertices"

  • Jin Ho Kwak, Sungpyo Hong, Jaeun Lee and Moo Young Sohn "Isoperimetric numbers and bisection widths of double coverings of a complete graph"

  • A.K. Agarwal "Identities and Generating Functions for Certain Classes of F-Partitions"

  • John Krussel, Susan Marshall and Helen Verrall "Spanning Trees Orthogonal to One-Factorizations of K2n"

  • A. Raychaudhuri "A Note on the Unit Interval Number and Proper Interval Number of Graphs"

  • John Ginsburg and Bill Sands "An optimal algorithm for a parallel cutting problem"

  • Olof Heden "Maximal partial spreads in PG(3,5)"

  • Hegang Chen "The Maximum Number of Lines Contained in Subsets of PG(k,2)"

  • Daniel S. Studer, Teresa W. Haynes and Linda M. Lawson "Induced-Paired Domination in Graphs"

  • Gary Chartrand, Frank Harary and Ping Zhang "On the Hall Number of a Graph"

  • Jonathan Wiens and Kara L. Nance "The Lattice Polynomial of a Graph"

  • Yair Caro and Raphael Yuster "Graphs with Large Variance"

  • Chula J. Jayawardene and Cecil C. Rousseau "Ramsey Numbers r(C5,G) for all Graphs G of Order Six"

  • D. Wu, G. Ge and L. Zhu "Generalized Steiner Triple Systems with Group Size g = 7, 8"

  • Zhang Cheng-heng "Two Properties of the Generalized Sequence {Wn} Relevant to Recurring Decimal "

  • Emanuela Ughi "The values sqrt(2q) and log2q: their relationship with k-arcs"

  • Marilyb Breen "Krasnosel'skii numbers and non simply connected orthogonal polygons "

  • Ralph G. Stanton and William Kocay "Fano Quads in Projective Planes"

  • Rommel Barbosa "On 1-Zm-well-covered and strongly Zm-well-covered graphs"

  • M.A. Seoud and M.Z. Youssef "New Families of Graceful Disconnected Graphs"

  • Bolian Liu, Zhou Bo, Qiaoliang Li and Jian Shen "Generalized Index of Boolean Matrices"

  • V. Vijayalakshmi "Multiplicity of triangles in 2-edge coloring of a family of graphs "

  • Martin Baca "Special Face Numbering of Plane Quartic Graphs"

  • Zhenlei Jia "On (351,126,45)-Difference Sets"

  • Hong-Jian Lai and Xiankun Zhang "Spanning trails that join given edges in 3-edge-connected graphs"

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