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Mostly Solo-Boating

Last update=28 May, 98

More photos of (mostly) MRCA members playing in the rapids on the Whitemouth River. These photos were taken in April, 98, by Donna Kurt.

Farmer's Rapids is a few miles south of Elma. Oak Falls is part way between Elma and Farmer's Rapids.

Icon1almost stuck in a hole at Oak FallsIcon2plowing through a hole at Farmer's Rapids
Icon3eddying out behind the island, Farmer's RapidsIcon43 boats on a wave at Farmer's Rapids
Icon5an easy surf at Elma RapidsIcon6running Oak Falls
Icon7bronco riding at Oak FallsIcon10entering a hole at Farmer's Rapids
Icon11side "surfing" at Farmer's RapidsIcon14a close call at Farmer's Rapids

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